Unlimited Landscaping
Lawn Installation :  Sod Installation / Seed (premium)
  We use the Best Sod in the mid-west and the Best Organic Soil in the state.
  Tree Removal… Pruning, Crowning & Hedging is 30% off with a Free Service of your choice.  Free Deep Root Feedings for 10 Trees or Shrubs of your selection. Or a FREE Insect control of your choice.
4 Step Tree and Shrub Maintenance Program
  Call now for our 4 Step Tree & Shrub Maintenance Program to protect your Trees & Shrubs throughout the season. Purchase Package Save 20%!
  We start the season with Deep Root Injections to feed your trees, in order to fight off insect or disease damage.
                                                                                                                                                                                      (April- May)
  You will also receive Trenches Systemic Insect Control for your trees, to protect them all year long from any insect from A to Z. The Trenches give your trees full coverage for 10 months. They work much better than the liquid spray applications that last 30 days or less.
  Then we will apply a Fungicide for Diseases.
                                                        (July – August)
  End of year will put on a Dormancy Oil to smother out any eggs left behind from insects throughout the season to reassure they are less likely to reappear next season.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               (Oct- Nov)
Insect Controls
  We offer Curative & Preventative Grub Control to stop turf damage before or after it will happen.
  Natural and Traditional Nuisance Pest Control to get rid of Mosquito’s, Black Flies Fleas, Ticks and much more.
  Natural or Traditional Perimeter Pest Control to keep insects from invading your home. It covers over 150 Insects.
  Natural or Traditional Tree & Shrub Insect Control forJapanese Beetles, Gypsy Moths, Ash Bore, and much more.
Customized Landscape Design & Install
  We have digital programs were we can take a picture of your home and digitally install the landscape of your dreams… without stepping foot on your property. Average Picture Image costs $500.00. We also design good old fashion Blue Prints. Blue Prints are Free of charge if Design is purchased.
English Edging for Landscape Beds, Walkways, Driveways, & Patios
  English Edging is designed to make your property much boulder. It highlights a simple concrete driveway or walkway and gives it a fancy trim to broaden your properties assets. We offer it many different ways, with many different patterns. English Edging is the only Edging that is guaranteed to keep the grass from growing back into the bed. Your typical edging is less than 1/4th inch English Edging is much boulder 2 inches to be exact. The difference between English Edging and Concrete Stamped Curb Edging is you can always reshape a bed if desired, not to mention it won’t hurt but improve your properties value as to concrete is permanent. It’s like putting rims on your vehicle… You might like it but the next person might not like it. Not to mention there are more than 20 Styles, Colors, Textures to choose from. We will meet and beet any Major Competitors price in the industry… Company must be B.B.B approved to be a Major Competitor.
Purchase English Edging Receive 40 L.E.D Accent Lights Installed FREE!
Retaining Walls (purchase a Retaining Wall receive 40 L.E.D Accent Lights Installed FREE)
  Style of your choice, Pre- Engineered Block, River Rock, Cory Stone, Pavers, & Seawalls Ect. We specialize in Bi- Level, Tri- Level and much more. You name it we can do it for a reasonable price and you have the option to finance your project.
Patio Installation (purchase Patio receive 30 L.E.D Accent Lights Installed FREE)
  If there is a paver you desire, we can get it for you. We are specialized in many different weaves and patterns. The more options you have, the better. You have the option to finance the Patio, Walkway, Driveway, and Contrast Trimming, of your dreams.
Decorative Lighting Installation
  L.E.D, Solar, Electric many styles and selections, just call and we will drop of as much material as needed to make the right choice for your landscape desires. Nightscapes are extremely popular in Wisconsin.
Mulch, Stone and Top Soil Installation
  (Purchase Mulch / Stone Installation and receive Bed-Scalping or Bed Re-Defining FREE! Colors, Types of Mulch are optional, Environ, Rubbermaid, Cedar Chip, Cedar Bark or Regular Stained are always available. We also offer regular Non Stained Mulch (just regular wood chips from trees chipped up) at a discounted price for those of you that just want to make some beds on your landscape. We can install stone of choice, all shapes and sizes. Stone samples and Mulch sample can be delivered to your door step and you can walk your landscape and decide what’s best for you.
Drainage Solutions
  Grading & Excavating, French Drains and much more, We offer systems that are trenched underground from your sub pump and down spouts out to your curb side as a port at an affordable price to make sure you stay dry.
Outdoor Living Areas…
  It all depends on what your outdoor heaven entails.
Authentic & Artificial Putting Greens
  Removable and very durable, 20 different options to choose from, shapes sizes and amount of holes desired. We will even customize your flag if you so shall desire. We offer 6 different types of putting green materials. 5% off any purchase over $4.000

Call now and we can drop off a book with 20 different Options / Styles.
Stamped Concrete Installation & Resealing
  Selective Colors, 3 Different Molds / Textures to choose from… Slabs, Walks, Bed Edging.
Driveway Installation & Resealing comes FREE Crack Filler
  Regular Concrete, Stamped Concrete and  are the two installation options besides Paved or good old fashioned 1 inch Traffic Bond.  1 year. 3 year. 5 year.
Deck or Patio Design and Installs… Privacy Fence Installs too
  All shapes and sizes to choose from .Pick the pattern you desire. We are one of few companies to offer lot clearing as a solution for Fence Installs. That way you can finance your project in one purchase
Gutter Cleaning & Gutter Guard installation
  Remove all debris in gutters. Clean down Spouts. Install Leaf guard of your choice
Pressure Washing, Painting & Staining
  Exterior Painting, Staining and much more